Lost Audio from 10/31/2021


As the grand finale to nearly four months of daily releases of lost content from my radio past, this one is especially grand. Recorded on Saturday, April 14, 1990, this video documents the last couple of hours of a ten day fundraiser (known as a Radiothon) held by WUSB, only the second time we had done such a thing. The money being raised was meant to be used to help move our antenna to a higher location so that our signal wouldn't be lost to a new NPR station on an adjacent frequency.

In addition to being the Radiothon coordinator, I was also the host of the last program before everything came to an end at midnight. That program was "Brain Damage" and the audio for this edition can be found at https://www.2600.com/braindamage/1990/0490.html.

You will see a lot of WUSB staffpeople in the studio and pledge room as we try to make our goal. There's even an appearance by my dog Walter! The festive atmosphere was contagious, both to the staff and the listeners. It was everything radio should be.

After it came to an end, there's even footage of a few of us trying to get to the WUSB offices down the hall in a building that was closed for spring break. This involved climbing under a gate, something we were all used to doing on a regular basis after normal building hours. Just one of a whole host of magical memories.