Lost Audio from 08/01/2021


The second "Day of Outrage" took place on January 21, 1988 in Brooklyn. It was basically a crowd of protesters marching through the streets trying to disrupt subway service and making their presence known. Fighting back against racist attacks and closing crackhouses were a couple of the main reasons for the protest. My narration of the march's progress gives you a sense of the day. You might notice my voice getting somewhat sped up towards the end as my battery ran low (causing the recording speed to slow down and sound faster when played back at a normal speed). And while I'm in a bodega buying new batteries, you can hear a TV set playing back a live report from the very same demonstration! You can't get more New York than that. (Excerpts of this recording were aired on the January 30, 1988 edition of "Brain Damage," available in our archives.)