Lost Audio from 10/12/2021


My midwest tour came to an end with this segment. After airing some Canadian border radio announcements, I visited my former "Voice of Long Island" cohost Mike Yuhas in Wisconsin to record a promo officially inviting him to participate in the upcoming Radiothon fundraiser for WUSB. You can hear all of the takes it took for us to get that right. (I didn't realize at the time that Mike was lowering his voice an octave for each attempt!) After that, you can hear me starting my drive back to Long Island from Chicago, possibly on no sleep at all the night before. You'll hear my condition deteriorating gradually as I travel from state to state, always stopping to pick up an out-of-town edition of TV Guide whenever possible.

You may have heard several allusions to disturbing events in St. Louis that eventually led to my canceling that part of the trip. This was a reference to the hacker raids that were currently taking place in that area and in other parts of the country where there were serious violations of rights, leading to lawsuits and the founding of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. (Much of this is covered in my various WBAI shows of 1990, available in our archives.)

One other item of note concerning this trip: despite my being completely worn out after driving all the way back from Chicago, I tuned into WUSB as I got closer to home and heard that there was nobody in the studio to do a show. So I actually stopped in at the station for a couple of hours to do a fill-in! If a recording of that existed, it would no doubt be a classic.