Lost Audio from 07/19/2021


On Monday, June 27, 1977, WUSB officially went on the air at 90.1FM. (The station had existed as a carrier current outlet at 820AM for a number of years prior.) This is the first half hour of that momentous broadcast day. Station Manager Norm Prusslin introduces the station. Also appearing are Dr. John S. Toll, president of the State University of New York at Stony Brook; Ishai Bloch, president of the Student Polity Association at Stony Brook; and  Richard Koch, program manager of WUSB. Controversies come up almost immediately, as well as a preview of what to look forward to. After some closing words from Norm, the official sign-on takes place, followed by a WUSB news promo and the "WUSB 5:42 News" with Paul Harris, Frank Burgert, and Dave Fink. Some of the news stories of the day include a vote to strike against the Long Island Railroad Saturday, protests against Caroline Kennedy getting a job at the New York Daily News, the fight for decriminalization of marijuana, and the future of "Star Wars" on television. An anti nuclear power Friends of the Earth PSA was also part of this broadcast, along with a sports report, a Chuck Mangione legal ID, and the beginning of the "WUSB Concert Series."