Lost Audio from 10/05/2021


The final episode of "Transmitter Test," the Tuesday evening show that aired from 6 to 7pm and never quite found its niche. The actual reason it was canceled was due to the fact that my other radio show ("Off The Hook") over on WBAI had been rescheduled for Tuesday nights, making it impossible to continue doing this one. (Ironically, this very slot would be inherited by "Off The Wall" in 2003.) This episode aired on September 26, 1995 and included former program director Christina, who had also been in attendance for the last episode of "Brain Damage" that aired earlier in the year. Everyone was fixated on the O.J. Simpson trial which was reaching its end. We talked about an upcoming WUSB garage sale, radioactive dishes, and what exactly a bulk eraser was. We got a call from WUSB's Scott Warmuth, who was at a commercial radio station and we questioned Michael (the current program director) on when certain shows were on. I rewound an entire edition of "Pacifica News" on the air and wondered if that might have been the only time such a thing had ever been done. We discussed some of the new shows on television and I put forth the argument that "Babylon 5" was the best program out there. We held out for one last call (and got one from WUSB's Steve Kreitzer) and said our final goodbyes.