Lost Audio from 10/06/2021


In the third part of my February 1990 midwest tour, we hear some interesting Canadian radio, including a time check and an update on the language controversy in Sault Ste. Marie, a place I was heading to after a stop in Sudbury. Then from a hotel room, I made an infamous telephone call to Radio Tirana in Albania. The reason this was such a big deal was because at the time it was completely impossible to make such a call in the United States, even with operator assistance. All of Albania was on some kind of a blacklist. However, it was possible in Canada and so I jumped at the opportunity. You'll hear the most patient operator in the world, as she stops at nothing to get me connected, first to the right country and then to the right party. In the end, I actually made contact with someone at Radio Tirana who managed to send me something in the mail just over a month later. (Much of that call can be heard on the February 24, 1990 edition of "Brain Damage," available in our archives.)