Lost Audio from 09/29/2021


This is a highly entertaining showdown that took place on a Bridgeport, Connecticut radio station. While doing an early episode of "Brain Damage" on WUSB, one of our listeners decided to start a fight between myself and another talk show host on a commercial station. I don't know how it all got started, but I do remember being challenged to insult the city of Bridgeport, something I was more than happy to do. The next thing I knew, I was facing off against WICC-AM talk show host Dave Feda trying to make things as bad as I possibly could. This was all broadcast on his show on September 21, 1988 and talked about on both stations for some time afterwards. He had a great sense of humor, not to mention a ton of loyal listeners who immediately hated my guts. This was probably the only time I'd ever done something like this, but it was great fun, and I learned that I had a real knack for turning audiences against me in short order.