Lost Audio from 09/23/2021


When I decided to visit Baffin Island in April of 1987, Frank Pearce was the guy who helped me arrange the whole thing. He was the general manager of the Baffin Island Tourist Association and was also a big part of the Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce. In this interview, he discusses why tourism is important to the area and gives a good explanation on how the 13 communities throughout the massive region are set up. It was really interesting to learn that the people in Yellowknife (the capital of the Northwest Territories) were considered "southerners" and basically out of touch with how things worked in the far north. We discussed the controversial seal hunt that was making headlines everywhere - and how people from outside this part of the world might not be getting the full story. Frank went out of his way to connect me with interesting people in Frobisher Bay (now called Iqaluit) and allowed me to see it for the unique place it was.