Lost Audio from 08/05/2021


So after that disastrous newscast at the end of 1977, I decided to actually come back. I could only get better, after all. (I also modified my name from E.G. Corley to Eric G. Corley.) All three of these newscasts came on the heels of massive snowstorms. (You'll also hear a few seconds of another undated newscast at the very beginning.) But it was the second broadcast that was particularly momentous due to late breaking news of a fire in the Union building where the radio station was housed. We put together a live update and taped an interview with a student government staffperson, while exposing the fact that there weren't any fire extinguishers in the building other than in the radio station. And then we went on to focus on power failures on Long Island caused by the storm, interviewing Long Island Lighting Company spokesperson Jan Hickman, just like a professional radio station would! That newscast was a pivotal moment for me because it was the complete opposite of the previous year's disaster and it proved that in radio you could always have another chance. 

Other newscasters featured here are Howard Altman and Frank Burgert.

In order, the newscasts presented here are:

January 18, 1978 (early evening)

January 20, 1978 (special report)

February 8, 1978 (early evening)