Lost Audio from 09/02/2021


It's the final known edition of "News of the World," this one airing over WBAI on May 18, 1989 at 1 pm, a full two years after its WUSB incarnation. I was now using Emmanuel Goldstein as my radio name and this would only be my third show on that station, following the "Off The Hook" pilot in 1988 and another edition of "News of the World" on March 13, 1989 (both of which are available in our archives).

This version of the program had a revised intro and an expanded length. As with the first episode on WBAI, this edition was done live. Unlike that broadcast, this one aired in the afternoon. An explanation of what the program was all about, along with a warning about possible controversial content and an explanation of shortwave are all included here. In this edition, we hear from Radio Austria, a  a feature that was sent to us on tape from a South African program called "Mirror on Africa," United Arab Emirates Radio, and the BBC World Service.

This was tied into a WBAI fundraiser and we offered copies of the shortwave listening guide "Passport to World Band Radio" as premiums. It got an enthusiastic response.