Lost Audio from 10/02/2021


In the second and last part of WUSB's visit to the mysterious Fisher's Island on April 9, 1983, the four of us (myself, WUSB chief engineer Frank Burgert, and friends of WUSB David Ruderman and Alan Belitsky) explored the streets and described the scene around us. We found several girls who were inside some kind of a store with no customers and talked with them for a while (apologies for the truly awful audio quality here). We learned what it was like to grow up in a remote place like this and discovered that Robert Redford had a house on the island. We walked along a rocky beach for a while and discovered what appeared to be an old munitions bunker. We all got really excited thinking we might have seen an eagle (although it's more likely to have been an osprey). After reading some interesting graffiti, we were able to get a ride back to the ferry, where we had time to play with a Fisher's Island payphone before boarding. On the ferry back to Orient Point from New London, Connecticut, I reminisced about the first time I had ever heard of Fisher's Island and also expressed some curiosity about some other islands we discovered that existed off the coast of Fisher's Island: the Dumpling Islands. Maybe next time. (Much of this material aired on the last recorded regular episode of "The Voice of Long Island," available in our archives.)