Lost Audio from 10/25/2021


If you ever wanted to see the difference between the type of radio I do and the commercial radio scene, look no further than this episode of "The Lazlow Show," recorded on December 11, 2005 over New York's WXRK (K-ROCK), shortly before one of their format changes. There's a lot here that probably wouldn't go over well today, but, again, that was typical of commercial radio. A lot of juvenile humor and stuff that could offend - that was what the people wanted. I didn't hear a lot of what went on before I came on the show while driving into the city in my Smart car with a shitty radio, but it wouldn't have dissuaded me from showing up. These were good guys who were a lot smarter than commercial radio made them sound; Lazlow alone had been invaluable in various hacker and radio causes. This was a challenge that involved being on completely alien turf and seeing a world I easily could have found myself a part of.

It would be a full 103 minutes before I showed up in the studio and once I did, we launched into various tales of hacking and battles with corporate America, along with explaining what 2600 meetings were all about and detailing my arrest during the Republican National Convention the previous year. All in all, it was great fun to see this other world of radio.