Lost Audio from 07/29/2021


OK, prepare for some fun. These are my actual first times on the air as a staffperson, using the absurdly pretentious name of E.G. Corley. These newscasts all aired in December of 1977. They're either evening (5:42pm) or late night (11pm) casts. The evening ones tended to be taken more seriously. Late at night there was less supervision. On the 12/9 broadcast, you could tell I was trying not to laugh. The 12/15 news report gives the wrong date at the beginning, which was super confusing for us trying to get it right in the present. But the biggest catastrophe came on the last newscast of the year, when a story about the late Guy Lombardo proved to be too much. After that disaster, it didn't seem like there was much of a future in radio for me.

Other newscasters featured here are Howard Altman, Keith Namm, and Bob Benuhan.

In order, the newscasts presented here are:

December 2, 1977 (late night)

December 9, 1977 (late night)

December 14, 1977 (evening)

December 15, 1977 (evening)

December 16, 1977 (late night)

December 23, 1977 (late night)

December 28, 1977 (evening)

December 30, 1977 (late night)