Lost Audio from 08/11/2021


This interview with Stony Brook professor Ernest Dube, recorded in 1987, was an incredible experience. He was in the midst of a huge controversy as his tenure had been denied due to his criticism of Zionism in his Africana Studies classes. Rarely have I spoken to someone more knowledgeable and open about the topics they were involved in. I felt very small in his presence, but he was nothing but welcoming and gracious in his home in Manhattan. This guy was way ahead of his time and he had a lot of support from the student body, not that it did him much good in the end. We hear a lot of complaints about people getting "canceled" in university settings these days, but it's been going on for a long time for those who speak out against oppression or the status quo. He didn't deserve to have been treated the way he was.

I'm not certain if this was ever used for an article or a radio feature, but it's certainly worth hearing.