Lost Audio from 08/07/2021


Here are some more excerpts from WUSB's first call-in show, "The Saturday Night Circus," alternately hosted by Ed Goldberg and Paul Harris.

The first excerpt, dated January 14, 1978, features my friend Al calling in to Paul Harris using a weird accent and reviewing various people who died in 1977 (both Al and Paul say "1978" instead of "1977" several times).

The second excerpt, dated January 28, 1978, was a real milestone for me, as I joined the cast of the show (at least Ed Goldberg's version) and became the official newscaster, using the name Eric G. Corley. Ed gave me the opportunity to critique my own first newscast and chief engineer Frank Burgert puts in an appearance.

In the third excerpt, dated July 1, 1978, some sort of change had been implemented by Paul Harris that resulted in my not doing newscasts during the show anymore, a fact I mentioned during a call-in segment to Ed Goldberg where I didn't seem to know how to get off the phone. There was also a rumor that the show might be canceled soon (which the date of the next excerpt indicates didn't happen).

The final excerpt aired sometime in December of 1978 with Paul Harris calling in to Ed Goldberg from the WUSB holiday party where "Blind Lemon Jefferson" and the entire staff sing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."