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- 11 / 07 / 18 -

An illegal ID, the show is back after three weeks, the fund drive is over, reflections on the election results last night, some technical issues involving voting machines, Kyle voted by mail, a list of absentee ballot voters is released in Georgia, the ease with which similar information is available in some states, the risk involved with this, border agents in Europe are about to use AI to ask questions of travelers, the challenge of getting people to lie on purpose, the importance of hackers playing with these sorts of technology, the inevitability of these developments, suddenly realizing that Alex isn't in the studio, Facebook technology that monitors who you stand next to, the dangers of this, why it's important to lie to services that spy on us, problems with Twitter filtering out non-celebrities, Rob explains the Mastodon protocol and how the show can be found on it, why this can be preferable to services like Twitter, gait recognition software in China is able to identify people by the way they walk, memories of Michael Chertoff, thoughts on opting out of body scanner searches at airports, more discussion of voting machines.

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November 7
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- 11 / 14 / 18 -

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November 14
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