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- 10 / 03 / 18 -

Fallout from today's Presidential Alert test, Emmanuel's standoff with his phone, wondering what the significance of the 2:18 pm time of the test was, an inadvertent test of the "inter-studio" emergency alert system, what the Conelrad system was, an excerpt of a testing period in 1961 narrated by John F. Kennedy, Rob's phone fails to receive today's test, reports on other phones, what was unique on Kyle's phone, what the Wireless Emergency Alert party was like, an excerpt from the party, it's a fundraising show tonight, listener reaction to the test, a Conelrad alert for evacuation of a city for a probable enemy air attack, analyzing the authoritative voice, another excerpt from the party at the moment when the alert was sent out, how LineageOS apparently allows Android phones to opt out of the Presidential Alert option, questioning why people wouldn't want to know about these alerts, another recording from Conelrad with additional information, another excerpt from the party shortly after the alert was sounded, a final Conelrad update with a very serious message, a final excerpt from the party at around 20 minutes past the alert, Emmanuel recycles his phone to see if the alert message finally disappears, the importance of sharing this info and having fun with it. This show includes light fundraising.

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October 3
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- 10 / 10 / 18 -

The deadline to register to vote in New York is this Friday, Rob still hasn't gotten the emergency alert from last week on his phone, another theory on the significance of 2:18 pm, Emmanuel's analysis of how broadcast stations in the area fared during last week's nationwide EAS test, a recording of the announcer used on all stations, some other specific observations, a recording from a lineman at the phone company, Emmanuel's discovery about his DVR, how commercials are sometimes altered on recordings, Kyle's idea for green screens on products, the actual importance of the recent Facebook hack, the demise of Google Plus, the status of the DVD project for The Circle of HOPE, what is being offered tonight, an excerpt from a talk on hacking elections at The Circle of HOPE, this show marks the 30th anniversary of "Off The Hook," why it's not necessary to be technical to appreciate the HOPE talks, an excerpt from a talk on monitoring the alt-right at The Circle of HOPE. This show includes fundraising.

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October 10
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