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- 02 / 11 / 04 -

The show was preempted for the last two weeks, the marathon has just ended, Bernie gets an obnoxious demand-for-money call from Sprint PCS, Emmanuel's first days with Verizon Wireless, Emmanuel also gets a new T-Mobile phone, Emmanuel's problem with Chase and revolving charge theory, some strange interference, Mike talks about the Swipe Toolkit which allows people to translate the bar code on their driver's license, a town in Canada bans the use of cell phone cameras, Bernie uses the SunPass system in Florida and tells how much better it is than E-Z Pass, Redhackt has a bad transit experience on the way to the station, a way that people can get ripped off using transfers in New York City, Jim tells how customers can no longer get money off recently expired Metrocards or find out how much value the cards have, Emmanuel reports low ridership on the JFK Airtrain, some malfunctions involving Airtrains, controversy involving a tracking system called MATRIX, a MATRIX FAQ, how the Janet Jackson incident has revealed a privacy invasion issue involving Tivo, consumer satellite dishes that now have uplink capabilities, how Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork's video rental habits became public years ago, Caller ID is now required for telemarketers, Verizon continues to sign people up for three-way calling without their knowledge, a telephone scene on last night's episode of "24," weighing the advantages and disadvantages of spy cameras in public areas, Canadian payphones.

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February 11
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- 02 / 18 / 04 -

The number to call to complain about the constant late starts of the show, music from 386DX, Cingular is officially buying AT&T Wireless, testing the speed of Verizon Wireless, cell phone companies that have cell sites in their stores, the Do Not Call list is upheld by an appeals court, the story of the famous 867-5309 phone number, Geoff demonstrates the Great WBAI Bird, calling 867-5309 in the 212 area, memories of "gold" numbers, alternate fake numbers that can be used for movies and TV shows, a trivia question concerning telephones and "The Dick Van Dyke Show," New York City police are training for "catastrophic" terrorism, the FBI raids an Internet Service Provider in Ohio because of activity on an IRC network, memories of the Steve Jackson case, a local TV station reports on a website that reveals the names of undercover police officers, reports on a possible law requiring New Mexico drivers to take a breathalyzer test every time they start their cars, an idea for fast food scanner fun, methods of protecting the public from anthrax, how AT&T Wireless being sold will affect existing calling plans, a song from Rebel, news on the goatse.cx site.

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February 18
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- 02 / 25 / 04 -

The news runs late again, Mike reports on Grey Tuesday, an excerpt from the Grey Album, wondering how music can be declared illegal, a court decision involving 321 Software and DVDs, the RIAA is sued for racketeering, a trick involving a Pepsi contest, an update on last week's ISP raid story, how information can be extracted from a phone without your knowledge, more on the use of RFID tags, a law enforcement agency is found to not be qualified to install wiretaps, an update with specific info on the undercover police officer tracking website, Bernie reveals how undercover cops in Philadelphia blow their cover every morning, a listener asks for help in destroying opposing websites, how unauthorized phone charges can appear through someone's home computer, Emmanuel's unlimited nights and weekends idea for mass transit, a call from a SEPTA employee, a listener's reaction to the news running late, news of a restriction on editing articles from forbidden countries, a CD malfunction.

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February 25
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