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- 01 / 07 / 04 -

Emmanuel, Redhackt, and Mish return from Europe, Bernie is lost on the phone, a new fingerprinting system is in place for foreigners entering the United States, the U.S. VISIT program, exemptions to the program, the backlash against U.S. citizens that will ensue, the U.S. government reaction to a similar program in Brazil, the poor security at Heathrow, how motorcycle jackets can trigger security alerts in airports, Emmanuel loses his GSM phone in Amsterdam, how T-Mobile makes it very difficult to report a lost phone overseas, Emmanuel vows to switch from Sprint PCS on January 11, Bernie reports on a disturbing development in the Stormbringer case, a reading of the incident report, an apology to Ronald Jones, trying to figure out what actually happened, an update on premiums from the last fundraiser, a report of an oddity from someone who used cellular portability, how Emmanuel's and Bernie's voices wound up on a couple of video games, Emmanuel used to do a radio show called "Chatterbox," Emmanuel tries to get Rebel to admit to how many lines he's calling in on, Bernie explains GPRS chips, a call from a Boeing engineer explaining why certain electronic devices are banned on airplanes, the "Off The Wall" theme.

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January 7
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- 01 / 14 / 04 -

Emmanuel gets a new Verizon phone, a demonstration of one of the rings, what it was like to switch companies using portability, The Fifth HOPE is officially announced and its website is unveiled, why Bernie won't switch from Sprint PCS, the Book of HOPE, how to avoid being fingerprinted when entering the United States, a controversial new policy involving Qantas flights to the United States, reports of Burger King radio mischief in Michigan, Bernie explains how easy it is to interfere with fast food communications, an additional scene in the "Freedom Downtime" DVD will include more fast food fun, a potato-filled computer story from Germany, a kid in Texas gets in trouble for saying "hey" on a network, Adrian Lamo pleads guilty to hacking into the New York Times system, facts in the Lamo case that don't add up, an Associated Press phone list of contacts is accidentally sent out to affiliates all over the world, RFID tags in casino chips, a Photoshop version is able to detect money images, the ease of getting personal information on college campuses, a caller wants to change the direction of WBAI, more on the Stormbringer case, the tenth anniversary of the Metrocard, facts about laser pens.

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January 14
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- 01 / 21 / 04 -

A fundraising edition of the show, the MikeRoweSoft.com story, Northwest Airlines is being sued for sharing passenger data with the government, memories of Bernie's eventful flight last winter, the "Off The Hook" DVD is offered as a premium, excerpts from old shows, the loss of WLIR, what commercial radio really cares about, Bernie talks about ClearChannel "DJ farms," Emmanuel is able to keep a phone signal through the tunnel under the river while riding a train, playing more clips from old shows, a list of some Verizon features from their monthly newsletter, a method of protecting your identity while using a cell phone, how funds are raised on commercial stations, distinctive ring technology, the additional numbers service offered by Verizon, more old show excerpts from the "Off The Hook" DVD, Cingular may be interested in buying AT&T Wireless, Jim was a caller to the show in 1994, the show won't be on next week. This show includes fundraising.

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January 21
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