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- 06 / 10 / 2020 -

The country has changed in the past two weeks, demonstrations are taking place all over the country, Rob and Gila attend a protest in Queens, Kyle and Emmanuel go to one in Smithtown, how cops don't seem to wear masks as a rule, listening in on scanners, Alex's adventure coming to New York City for the first time in three months to restart a server, the site of Red Wheelbarrow from "Mr. Robot" is right next door to Alex's office, the complete bedlam that met Alex in the city, there was a good response to the last show's fundraiser, the premiums that are being offered tonight, figuring out weird levels on the board, an update on planning for this year's HOPE conference, the next steps for 2600, the magazine is now appearing in some grocery stores to make up for the loss of Barnes and Noble, the move to encrypt New York City police radio traffic and why that's a very bad idea, what it's like to listen to a scanner, the amount of transparency that having open radio traffic affords, IBM has ended commercial sales of facial recognition software, Amazon has just suspended similar sales to police for one year, instances of racial profiling that have occurred with such software, the surprising number of confederate names that remain at military bases, why changing a name shouldn't be a big deal, a listing of confederate monuments in the local area. This show includes fundraising.

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June 10
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- 06 / 24 / 2020 -

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June 24
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