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- 10 / 05 / 11 -

An apropos piece from George Carlin, a special two hour program tonight, a message from Anonymous concerning a threatened attack on October 10, debate as to whether this message is a fake, traffic mayhem is caused by the police near the Occupy Wall Street site, the Occupy movement has spread to other cities including Philadelphia, how it's easy to make fun of the occupiers, the human amplification system they've devised, why it's necessary to sometimes look to foreign media outlets for fair coverage, Kyle will be sending a special Wall Street photo to anyone who pledges over $100, Far McKon, Matt Griffin, and Matt Richardson are in the studio to discuss the MakerBot project, what 3D printing is all about, some examples of objects that have been printed, a list of the various MakerBot-related premiums that are being offered tonight, the history of the MakerBot, the kinds of things an Arduino can build, some examples related to television, news comes in that Steve Jobs has just passed away, why this is particularly sad news, schools' involvement with MakerBots, some of the freedom that a MakerBot can provide, the WBAI phone system is being rebooted, appealing for calls, John Baichtal and Joe Meno introduce their book on LEGOs, why LEGOs are so popular, what kinds of structures can be built, combining MakerBots and LEGOs, an update on the status of the fundraiser, people to thank, how the LEGO book was put together without the two authors ever meeting, John is also writing a book on hackerspaces, differences between LEGO communities in different parts of the country, Germany is the biggest LEGO market, the changes taking place at the Occupy Wall Street site, a description of Kyle's Wall Street photo that's being offered as a premium, a rundown of premiums, Michael Weinberg joins the discussion on MakerBots, legal issues involving 3D printing, the issue of modeling weapons with MakerBots, the raw materials that are needed for the MakerBot, the "cupcake printer," how MakerBots can replicate, the issues of copyright for physical objects, the danger of being overly cautious, a message to the people who listen later, the printing of organs and biohacking, what the recent Open Hardware Summit was about, how the development of this technology could be a real milestone in history, how people react to objects that have been created with the MakerBot, some contact info, what MakerBot TV is about. This show is two hours and includes fundraising.

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October 5
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- 10 / 12 / 11 -

A packed studio for the fundraising drive, Bernie makes a trip to the Occupy Wall Street camp, the 2600 van has been dropping off supplies, the cover to the current issue of 2600 is eerily on target, trying to estimate the amount of people in the park, the media is finally starting to report on the story, how people are adapting, an excerpt from Russia Today features HOPE keynote speaker Robert Steele analyzing the Occupy Wall Street movement, sonic.net is forced to give Jacob Appelbaum's email headers to the government, the "HOPE keynote package" is being offered tonight, an excerpt from the Adam Savage talk at The Last HOPE, Rob recalls seeing this talk live, a list of the people included in the keynote package, trying to get additional calls, an excerpt from the Steve Wozniak keynote address at The Fifth HOPE. This show includes fundraising.

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October 12
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