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- 04 / 11 / 07 -

Redhackt returns from a long hiatus, Emmanuel is on the phone from Beijing as part of a "fact-finding mission," signs of progress in China, faster trains, the upcoming World Expo, the United States criticizes China for not doing enough to fight piracy, the reaction in China, the American fast food controversy in China, the FCC attacks the practice of "pretexting," the RIAA opposition, Emmanuel looks up forbidden words on Google in China, how Google has gotten into trouble in China, more stories from China, a high school principal sues students over a MySpace page, definition of the word "wilfing," the various Internet sites and services that are blocked in China, a "hacker" in Beijing is sentenced, Chinese stories about various animals, questions on copyright and student papers, British cameras that speak in a child's voice, the metro system in Beijing, Emmanuel's views on consumerism and democracy in the world's largest communist country, comparing GSM and CDMA phones in China.

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April 11
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- 04 / 18 / 07 -

Emmanuel is away, Mike reports on the latest with the RIAA, file sharing in Norway, the concept of copyright infringement in normal computer operations, Mike gets a letter from his bank concerning a security breach, Jim reports that Verizon Wireless will stop offering free call itemization on paper bills, touch tone fees, Arseny reports on how mobile phones might lead to food shortages through the disappearance of honeybees, a recording of Emmanuel on the phone from North Korea, the misperceptions that have been spread about that country, differences in culture, how contact was established with the North Koreans, the opening of the Mass Games and how this spectacle was probably not reported on at all in the States, the experience of traveling with other world voyagers, the significance of April 15 in North Korea, how Emmanuel has been able to mix with the people in various ways, events in Kaesong, theorizing on the phone connection, assessing the North Korean threat, Lin's red button, Redbird describes how TurboTax was overloaded, the controversy of irs.com, Bernie announces a showing of old telephone films in Philadelphia, how to get "Off The Hook" aired on other stations, a question about SMS charges.

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April 18
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- 04 / 25 / 07 -

Emmanuel tells the story of the hot coffee spilled on him, the North Korean flag is hanging on the microphone, Emmanuel's stupid mistake arranging his trip back from Beijing, the Air China saga, difficulty communicating in China, the plane ride from hell, feedback to Emmanuel's trip to North Korea, what the Mass Games were like, how the American media ignored the Boris Yeltsin story in favor of show business gossip, Emmanuel's rules of travel when visiting an alien culture, how Emmanuel almost got lost in Pyongyang, travel restrictions involving Americans in North Korea, what the guides were like, debunking the myths, an excerpt from the radio station in Pyongyang, the parallels to religion, the Juche philosophy, excerpts from a North Korean newspaper, the scene at the border, restrictions on traveling, the unique printing style on North Korean pamphlets, future availability of photographs, what it was like leaving the country, the proposed congestion tax in New York City, how such a system would work, cell phones on planes, a popular North Korean song, printer cartridge privacy, more North Korean radio.

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April 25
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