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- 05 / 03 / 06 -

BBC World is now available on Cablevision, some not-so-smart moves by the BBC, a train sign is hacked in Canada to insult the prime minister, how this story is being misreported, a reference to the CCC, comparisons to graffiti, Suffolk County is planning on providing free wireless connectivity to every spot within its borders, Rhode Island has a similar plan, Mike explains the concept of net neutrality, the continuing case of Gary McKinnon, whether or not the punishment fits the crime, flash photography warnings on BBC, more info on HOPE, scanning machines in schools, questioning some of the items that schools are confiscating, Emmanuel wonders why malls aren't subject to the same security precautions as schools, experiments with phones on airplanes, a new Neil Young anthem.

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May 3
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- 05 / 10 / 06 -

Redbird, Walter, Arseny, and Jim try to get ahold of Emmanuel by phone, it's a fundraising edition, Emmanuel and Mike are in Havana, a description of the old cars found in Cuba, how the entire culture is completely alien to that of the States, getting online hasn't been a hassle, what did and didn't work, this call is costing two dollars a minute, Cuba is only 80 miles away from the United States, Mike talks about the various ways to make phone calls in Havana, how Cubans can access the Internet, Redbird reads Mike's Cuban email address over the air, some of the old software that is being run, a rundown of the available premiums being offered tonight, the importance of calling, some of the confirmed speakers at HOPE, Emmanuel describes the transit system in Havana, some of the financial challenges, Emmanuel attempts to receive WBCQ in Havana, Mike describes the strange monetary system in Cuba, an article in the Cuban daily newspaper has an article on Bush's dog, a warning about malware, thanking the people who have called in, the results of Emmanuel's shortwave test, a rundown of Cuban television, Emmanuel and Mike got into a Cuban baseball game, the prevalence of dogs in Havana, the show won't be on next week, a last push for calls, testing the delay time on the phone call, the sound of hanging up from Cuba. This show includes fundraising.

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May 10
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- 05 / 24 / 06 -

The fundraiser continues, Bernie discusses this year's Dayton Hamvention, problems with the Open Sky system designed to allow Pennsylvania police to communicate secretly, Emmanuel and Mike discuss their recent trip to Cuba, how the people there are suffering, some of the results of radio tests, Mike describes a local email cafe where locals were able to go, the different kinds of accounts available, Bernie explains what Radio Marti is, some of the details on Cuban Internet access and how certain sites are blocked, a rundown of premiums, playing with the audio of ringing phones, the recent NSA scandal and why it's relevant to the average American, Mike describes a protest against Verizon earlier in the day, why the surveillance issue should be focused upon more than any other, Emmanuel describes how he was approached by the feds in the past, an appeal for information on a strange phone number that resembles a shortwave numbers station, some theories on what it might be and what to look for, thanks to the people who have pledged. This show includes fundraising.

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May 24
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