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- 08 / 11 / 04 -

Emmanuel and Mike are back from the Maritimes, the correct spelling of Aliant, how to get more information on the strike, comparisons of phone coverage in the Maritime provinces, Mike's "imperialism plan" with AT&T, the challenge of connectivity while traveling, results of the last show's invitation in Halifax, Emmanuel and Mike run into trouble coming back into the United States, some of the bizarre questions and actions of the customs agents, the confusion caused by Emmanuel's credit cards, observations of the inside of the customs office, a weird poster commemorating the World Trade Center disaster, the difference between having a car searched in Canada and the United States, Emmanuel's adventure trying to use the bathroom in customs, Hurricane Bonnie is back, the unusual 2600 meeting of last week as Citigroup is closed due to fears of terrorism, Emmanuel's attempt to take a picture of the Citigroup building, a man is held in custody for making videos of buildings and trains, why people should start taking more pictures than ever, the Statue of Liberty is reopened but no longer allows visits to the top, how to contact Citigroup to find out about getting the building reopened, some events at the upcoming Republican National Convention, clarification on the WBAI address reading, the unprecedented scale of security at the upcoming Olympics, a caller has a problem with an off the hook tone, Newfoundland music.

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August 11
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- 08 / 18 / 04 -

Upcoming RNC coverage, more Newfoundland music, an independent media exhibition, a plea for a CSU/DSU for the independent media center at the RNC, legal information on taking pictures in public, an update on the Citigroup building, Jim reports on a privacy issue involving Legoland, complying with the Patriot Act at banks, the George Washington Bridge pedestrian crossing is being closed at night because of terrorism fears, a letter from Newfoundland, a way of putting your own pictures on postage stamps, police seek to infiltrate RNC opposition groups, self-proclaimed anarchists plan online disruptions during the convention, a New York Times piece gets many fundamental facts on wireless connectivity wrong, an update on "Freedom Downtime" DVDs for WBAI listeners, an update on the Navigators concert this Friday, ways of fixing radio interference, the show will be on at 7:30 next week, more Newfoundland music.

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August 18
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- 08 / 25 / 04 -

The show begins and ends a half hour late, the last show before the Republican National Convention, the permit for a rally in Central Park on Sunday is denied, alternate ways to get into the park, Russian authorities have yet to admit that yesterday's twin plane crashes were part of a terrorist act, Mayor Bloomberg's plan to provide discounts for peaceful protests, the Citigroup atrium is reopened but is now requiring IDs to get in, why this is seen as an illegal action and why asking for IDs at a 2600 meeting just isn't going to work, what this could lead to, a discussion of various tactics that could be used to fight this policy, the danger of accepting these things, the need to raise funds for the station to help cover the RNC, an update on premiums from the last fundraiser, the importance of having a voice to fight injustice, not all of the easter eggs in the "Freedom Downtime" DVD have been found, the NYPD is planning on using a 150 decibel audio device to control crowds, Mike reveals a startling fact about the size of the New York City police department, Emmanuel almost gets run over by a cop running a red light, the great difficulty encountered in trying to file a complaint, finding an answer through the 311 line, "Off The Hook" listeners have been instrumental in helping the Independent Media Center prepare for the Republican Convention, convincing a listener that there are other good programs on WBAI, an appeal to keep listening to the station during the convention. This show includes fundraising.

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August 25
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