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- 05 / 05 / 04 -

Mike's ISP won't force him to take down the Covance material, the Trenton Computer Festival doesn't take place in Trenton, an overview of the 2600 panel at Trenton, Disney blocks Miramax from distributing Michael Moore's new film, the hypocrisy of Disney, Al Gore acquires NewsWorld International, the danger of losing a source of foreign news, the Metro newspaper makes its debut in New York City, Mike demonstrates the gibberish printed within the paper, the Sasser worm causes havoc, a computer problem affects airlines, new security measures at the New Carrollton train station, clarification on use of the 2600 name, 2600 meetings are coming up this Friday, some amusing directories in the robots.txt file on the White House site, Emmanuel defends his criticism of George W. Bush, critique on the Bush administration, looking ahead to the Republican National Convention in August, the absurdity of asking permission to protest, conservative opposition to Bush policies, Emmanuel trains Redhackt on the phones, clarification on New Jersey history, an eBay forgery, the various scams that are found on the net, a political scandal in Canada involving redirected phone calls, a setback for Diebold.

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May 5
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- 05 / 12 / 04 -

Bernie is listening to the show on shortwave while driving to Ohio for the annual Dayton Hamvention, Emmanuel and Redhackt will be attending this year as well, terrorist tourism in Pennsylvania, an update on the Covance situation, a two hour fundraising show tonight, the show won't be on again until June, a list of offerings for tonight's fundraiser, Kevin Mitnick, Steve Wozniak, and Jello Biafra will all be speakers at The Fifth HOPE in July, the "Freedom Downtime" DVD will soon be available, the large list of languages that the film has been translated into, some of the other features that will be on the DVD set, Bernie's story of his encounter with the mob in prison is one of the pieces of extra footage on the DVD, the allure of middle America, Geoff's issue with the lack of butter at Waffle House, a plan that would jam all cell phone traffic in the area of the Republican National Convention this August, some of the interesting things that will be happening over the summer, volunteers are needed to answer phones, a humorous story of a GPS sniper rifle, Mastercard introduces PayPass which allows consumers to pay by tapping their card, a large number of contributors from New Jersey, Bernie arrives in Wheeling, West Virginia, a report of a license plate with a single number, the entire "Off The Hook" theme, how the theme was born, what commercial radio stations do in order to get listeners, the sound of a reorder, how it's possible to listen to Internet streams while driving, how Emmanuel was able to listen to one of Bernie's streams from an adjoining car, the pledge amount jumps faster than expected, a reported glitch in the T-Mobile voice mail system that forces users to enter a default password, Emmanuel's problem getting access to his T-Mobile account, some of the other features available on the "Freedom Downtime" DVD set, Emmanuel will be up all night driving to Dayton later in the week, a Rolling Stones song especially for "Off The Hook." This show is in two parts and includes fundraising.

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May 12

Part 1
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Part 2
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