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- 11 / 05 / 03 -

The bridges of New York are lit in honor of "Off The Hook's" return, the show is preempted for yet another fundraiser in two weeks, a theory on why the Empire State Building has been lit all night lately, legislation is approved that will allow digital television to be copy protected, some of the implications, analysis of the Diebold election software that's causing controversy all over the world, the possibility of back doors and security hazards, a weird story involving E-Z Pass, listener input on RFID, the concept of "dusting the homeland," Wal-Mart schedules a meeting to decide on the future of RFID, more details on the method of bypassing CD copy protection using the shift key, a method of hacking Sprint PCS.

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November 5
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- 11 / 12 / 03 -

The show won't be on next week, live radio coverage of the recent eclipse doesn't take place, some more observations on the Empire State Building light changes, Bernie S. is in a cab in Philadelphia, Mike reports on an oddity in electronic voting in the recent election, questions about the whole election process, plans for ID cards in England, risks involved in mandatory ID cards, fighting "cyberterrorism" in Singapore, how defacing a website is being equated with terrorism, pictures of the Homeland Security truck mentioned several weeks ago are now online, microchips are inserted into fish to track poachers, AT&T is fined for abuse of telemarketing rules, how to download a list of telephone numbers of people who don't want to receive telemarketing calls, hacker movies, a wearable phone that uses fingers, cellular portability will be in place before the next show, the large amount of people throwing phones into landfills, using cellular phones on subways, broadcasting signals inside tunnels, another potential threat to the music industry.

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November 12
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- 11 / 26 / 03 -

A special emergency fundraising show as the station is in the midst of a financial crisis, problems reaching Bernie S., a special announcement from program director Bernard White, problems are already being reported with cellular portability, Bernie talks about how Sprint PCS has ripped off its customers on the portability issue, an extremely complicated flowchart documents how portability works, theories on how to actually go about changing your phone company, the reliability of wired service versus wireless, sentencing in relation to the hacking of the Al Jazeera website, how the sentencing was fair but for the wrong reasons, a huge URL, the word "hacker" makes the New York Times crossword puzzle, Emmanuel and Mike conduct an experiment with E-Z Pass, a DVD of all editions of "Off The Hook" will soon be available, an excerpt of "The Best of WBAI," an excerpt from the "Say It Loud: New Songs For Peace" CD, Congress passes a useless anti-spam bill, the dangers this could pose, Geoff tries to pick a call, a caller explains why he won't pledge to the station.

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November 26
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