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- 08 / 06 / 03 -

Emmanuel is reached at the camp field near Berlin where the Chaos Communication Camp is about to begin, the chaotic hour that lies ahead, a new way of reaching people overseas at low rates through call forwarding, attempting to three-way to another phone at the camp located in the Cypherpunk tent, interesting hold music, Bernie S. reports on a shooting star that appeared over the camp, how Bernie used celestial navigation to find the camp, reports on how the camp is wired, Geoff and Mike give their impressions of the site, Geoff rides on the Autobahn for the first time, the connection is lost, Jim gives an update on how to report fellow citizens to the authorities for free, Emmanuel is apparently unaware that he's been cut off as the phone line remains busy, theorizing on how the camp is being wired, Ken leaves a voice mail message for Emmanuel and appeals to anyone at the camp listening to the show to let him know the connection is lost, Redhackt reports on his unsuccessful attempt to hear the show via shortwave last week, the connection is reestablished, Emmanuel theorizes on how the phone system may have failed, how everyone in the tent gave an interview that wasn't heard, Barry talks about the Lockpick Village at the camp, Billsf talks about whether it's still possible to blue box, a listener from Holland tells how he was convinced to go to the camp through "Off The Hook," Thijs talks about driving with Geoff on the Autobahn, Hanneke encourages Europeans to come to the camp, Tim admits he's not a listener and talks about what he did at HAL, Rop addresses the technical specifications of what's set up at the camp, there is a Thai restaurant on the premises, a spinning device is in place, some details on the workings of the camp phone system and how easily features were set up for attendees, what DECT phones are and how they work, a description of the main tent, Bernie reports on the panel discussions set for the conference, details on the camp radio station, details on the IP range, Emmanuel encourages everyone to look at Mars tonight, a caller reveals how much electricity is wasted by coffee pots, where Emmanuel will be next week.

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August 6
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- 08 / 13 / 03 -

Emmanuel is in Warsaw, the show is preempted next week, how the time zones will be changing for Emmanuel in the next few weeks, Geoff's bags are missing after his return to the United States, how Geoff and Bernie S. got trapped in the lobby of an apartment building in Amsterdam on their way to the airport, some of the attempted solutions to the problem, a report on the Chaos Camp, the interesting people it's possible to meet at these gatherings, the possibility of future conferences, Europe is in the middle of one of the worst heat waves ever, what it was like on the campground, the various insects at the camp, Bernie talks of bees and wasps, the lack of ego in the German hacker world, why such a project would have difficulty in the States, the American obsession with rules and regulations, Geoff talks about the "Heart of Gold," the element of trust throughout the camp, a card system for buying alcohol in Europe, the radio station at the camp, the references to "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," Geoff describes the 3D printer that was working throughout the weekend, the "art waterfall," how Mars added to the event, a particularly spectacular look at Mars and the moon tonight, Emmanuel asks people to guess what he saw for the first time in Paris, Jim sees the same thing in the subway, emergency numbers in other countries, some strange phone numbers in Poland, the different numbering schemes that exist, the phone call isn't disconnected this week, the various GSM providers in Poland, Emmanuel's next stop is Kaliningrad, the decimation of the Jewish community in Warsaw, how the city was destroyed during World War Two, Mike is on a train to Amsterdam from Prague, critique and explanation of the Segway, the artificial collect call market, the prevalence of bicycles in Europe, Mike Hawash agrees to plead guilty to reduced charges of providing services to the Taliban.

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August 13
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- 08 / 27 / 03 -

It's three in the morning where Emmanuel is in Russia, a disclaimer from Emmanuel concerning any potential rumor that he is waging war against the United States from abroad, a massive blackout hit the Northeast two weeks ago, how it was almost impossible to reach anyone in the States from overseas, where people were when the lights went out, some of the technical issues that developed as a result of the power outage, Mike's experience flying back into the area during the blackout, how New Yorkers handled themselves, Emmanuel issues a challenge to guess what the old piece of technology in his hotel in St. Petersburg is, how it's very easy to find blueprints for major structures, more power outage tales, a blackout in Helsinki at the Leningrad Cowboys concert, the ease of communication using a GSM phone while traveling, the use of SMS for all kinds of things, flash mobs and smart mobs, the many news reports about various email viruses and worms, how the CSX rail system was affected, the need for isolated systems that won't be affected by events on the Internet, the New York Times is also affected by viruses, some oddness and overly dramatic ingredients in the reporting of the story, Tampa scraps their controversial face recognition camera system, FCC Chairman Michael Powell reacts to the public outcry against the recent FCC ruling on media consolidation, restriction of junk faxes is postponed to 2005, Spike TV goes on the air at last, mapping cellular prefixes to carriers, strange phone numbers on some incoming cellular calls, Mike has another bad Sprint PCS experience, Geoff has an interesting experience on a domestic flight involving a cat, some reminders from Ken, a tribute to Wesley Willis.

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August 27
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