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- 02 / 05 / 03 -

The GPS computer goes berserk, Emmanuel is just outside Buffalo, what it was like driving across the northern section of the country in the middle of winter, no show next week, a special fundraiser is scheduled for two weeks from now, suggestions for new 2600-related merchandise solicited, eleven digit dialing comes to New York City, results of various dialing experiments, ways of dealing with number exhaustion, it is now possible to send SMS messages between GSM and CDMA phones, Emmanuel and Mike exchange messages, theories about new encrypted radios used by police, Jim gives an update on his case, questions as to whether Jim is allowed to talk to Bernie anymore, the Chicago subway system, an invisibility cloak, Emmanuel appears in the New Yorker, suggestions on where Emmanuel should go in Buffalo, a caller talks about a company named Vonage.

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February 5
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- 02 / 19 / 03 -

A special two hour fundraiser, the demonstration and the snow cause chaos in the city, people begin to hoard duct tape because of the fight against terrorism, the alert color has changed to orange, a new website called ready.gov makes its debut, an Internet-ready computer is now in the studio, Emmanuel hacks into the system on the air, a message from Tom Ridge on the phone, an excerpt from the website that uncovers a major spelling blunder, some of the problems encountered by demonstrators at the weekend's antiwar rally, Jim takes issue with the demonstrators, how the evidence never seems to be forthcoming from the Bush administration, how WBAI had a real presence at the demonstration, comparing coverage of the snowstorm to coverage of the demonstration in the mass media, a brand new t-shirt is being designed for "Off The Hook," more stories from the demonstration, how Citigroup turned into a staging area, 2600 hooded sweatshirts are in the works, plans for expanding telephone number length, Juintz gives an update on the 2600 streaming of the WBAI signal that goes on around the clock, what is needed to keep things going, the importance of local voices on radio, how local radio played a part in Emmanuel's cross country trip, a new radio show called "Off The Wall" debuts on WUSB and will be heard on Tuesday evenings, Seraf gives details on how a fake story concerning terrorists was circulated, an 11-year-old kid gets arrested for hacking into a computer at his school and changing his grades, Bernie S. appears out of nowhere, the police are seen cutting phone lines at the demonstration, Bernie tells how the radio station made a big difference to him while he was in prison, Kevin Mitnick talks about his appearance on CNN earlier in the day, the threat of recurrent billing on credit cards, millions of credit card numbers are compromised, Kevin reveals that Data Processors International is the company affected, Kevin's company is the victim of a denial of service attack, Kevin tries to organize a hacker celebration, Emmanuel and Kevin compare their number of emails, some facts about the Patriot Act and its successor, the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003, some of the scarier things we have to look forward to. This show is in two parts and includes fundraising.

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February 19

Part 1
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Part 2
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