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- 02 / 06 / 01 -

Technology refuses to cooperate with the opening of the show, Emmanuel appeals to listeners to support the station in the upcoming fundraiser and gives certain scenarios that could unfold, lyrics of "The Internationale" carry special meaning, Bibleman is in the news, a scary bit of technology is employed for the Super Bowl where people's faces were compared with a central crime database as they passed through turnstiles, dramatically expanded security measures are put in place near courtrooms in New York as a terrorism trial begins, a global hacker ring allegedly finds private info and credit card numbers of world leaders, more investigation is done on the mysterious commercial station at 88.1 in New York City, balloons arrive at the station, some George W. Bush quotes from the last 15 days, more on websites that trace IP addresses, Emmanuel's Voicestream bill has a pleasant surprise with international roaming.

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February 6
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- 02 / 13 / 01 -

The show is given an additional hour at the last minute for fundraising, Emmanuel has a misadventure with a CD and a Mac, an excerpt from Steve Rambam's talk on privacy at H2K, a special offer of all 2600 back issues from 1984 on, an excerpt from the hacktivism panel at H2K featuring Reid Fleming, Oxblood, and Shapeshifter, some talk of Napster's future, Kevin Mitnick gives an update on his progress including his new radio show on KFI and his views on Napster, Emmanuel opens the phone lines to listeners to talk about whether or not they will be pledging to WBAI, "Freedom Downtime" is officially finished and ready to be submitted to film festivals, Emmanuel issues a challenge to the listeners and offers a matching fund for the listener lawsuit against Pacifica, Bernie S. reflects on what WBAI meant to him during his ordeal in prison, Phiber Optik also offers some historical perspective, the Department of Justice gets involved in the DeCSS appeal and sides with the MPAA, the show is preempted next week. This show is in two parts and includes fundraising.

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February 13

Part 1
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Part 2
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