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- 01 / 01 / 00 -

This was a two hour Saturday morning fill-in on New Year's Day, 2000. Emmanuel goes into detail on what is wrong with wishing people a Happy New Millennium, a full accounting of the various Y2K non-events, Emmanuel and friends manage to sneak into the very front of the Times Square celebrations, Izaac argues about the potential for terrorism, Emmanuel and Macki reveal their secrets for gaining access to a restricted area, talk of oppressive security measures that may not be removed after New Year's, comparing Times Square to Woodstock, an unusual cover of the New York Times, what to call the new decade, the 2600 voice BBS is reported to be non-Y2K compliant, the exception to the leap year rule, companies that have changed their names because of the new year, bomb-sniffing dogs versus drug-sniffing dogs.

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January 1
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- 01 / 04 / 00 -

The aftermath of Y2K, Emmanuel berates Izaac because nothing seemed to have happened, Cheerios introduces Millenios with predictions for the future, Bernie S. has a banking misadventure on New Year's Eve, a rundown of the various Y2K snafus that took place from the Risks Digest, Emmanuel relates the adventure of New Year's Eve in Times Square, a case of computer mischief makes headlines in Germany, Xail is sentenced to a year of "Visionquest Wagon Train," Kevin Mitnick's prison term nears an end, Macki gives an update on the DVD lawsuit against 2600, looking forward to being served with papers, advice to the process servers, an interview with Arthur Kopit, author of "Y2K," a play currently running in Manhattan, Bell Atlantic expands into the long distance business.

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January 4
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- 01 / 11 / 00 -

The last show until February, nine days until Kevin Mitnick's release, an upcoming piece on Mitnick to air on "60 Minutes," a new phone system at the prison that has some scary features, a story about a "hacker" who captured thousands of credit card numbers, a recruitment drive for hackers by the government, Pacific Bell has a major system compromise, an alternative method of making prison calls, Emmanuel continues his battle with AT&T, a discrepancy in AT&T's overseas rates, 2600 is semi-served in the DVD lawsuit, Macki reads selected highlights from the lawsuit that show how unfamiliar with the net the plaintiffs are, the hearing is postponed until next Tuesday - the same day as a local RSA conference, Staples invades its employees' privacy, AOL and Time Warner announce a merger sparking a debate between Emmanuel, Izaac, Macki, Bernie S., and Lister.

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January 11
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