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- 10 / 05 / 99 -

Emmanuel challenges Izaac to name the new New York City area code (347), testing numbers in the new area code, MCI announces that it will buy Sprint, a new Giuliani website goes online to tackle the New York City museum controversy, excerpts from Kevin Mitnick's mail, prosecutor David Schindler announces a career change, a security hole in the new Sam Donaldson website, talk of expanding the 2600 meetings to every mall in America, yet another radio merger, talk of another Dictaphone system, an explanation of the differences between long distance, regional, and local, a new regulation on E-Z Pass.

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October 5
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- 10 / 26 / 99 -

An intense critique of the recent MTV feature on hackers, how the producers seemed to have the story written in advance, the complete lack of any mention of Kevin Mitnick, how the entire hacker community was hurt by the program, letters from the public on the MTV show, a listener reveals that his remarks were completely taken out of context.

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October 26
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