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- 04 / 07 / 98 -

Daylight Savings Time causes confusion, Bernie S. reveals some interesting theories from Sprint representatives, Emmanuel uncovers a way to get billing information for any Sprint PCS customer, a report on what went on at the microbroadcasting convention in Philadelphia, the state of radio in the United States, word of a magazine devoted to microbroadcasting (Hobby Broadcasting), controversy over water companies gaining access to customer phone lines, instructions on visitor entry systems in apartment buildings and rumors of a master code that allows entry into buildings.

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April 7
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- 04 / 14 / 98 -

GSM is cracked, an interview with one of the people behind it: Marc Briceno of the Smartcard Developer Association. Omnipoint claims there is "no risk of fraud," a discussion of what will be involved in fixing this, allegations that the algorithm was cracked because it was kept secret as well as the possibility that the algorithm was deliberately weakened, the possibility that someone else may have done this before. Also: more high school harassment, cellular cloning.

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April 14
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- 04 / 21 / 98 -

Last show for the next few weeks, an MTV system is hacked, another pirate station is silenced, Kevin Mitnick's judge is revealed to not be as clueless as she appears, an FBI report on computer breaches is challenged by a privacy expert, an update on encryption from England, military computer systems and the nation's power grid said to be at great risk, a Canadian hacker is caught by NASA, Omnipoint reverses its lack of concern over last week's GSM crack and revises its algorithm, the Trenton Computer Festival, letters from Australia and Argentina, Emmanuel gets weird numbers on his Caller ID and tries to social engineer the GETS system, an official White House recording, complaints about Ultima Online.

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April 21
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