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- 09 / 07 / 94 -

Another way to get ripped off on your phone bill, an angry Canadian recording, NYNEX seems to no longer complete calls to 800 numbers, calling LocTel, an 800 help center, a "special" phone company recording, an interesting feature on a ROLM Phonemail system, an extensive look at an employee locator service offered by Southwestern Bell, Rop is still in the country, automated firing, Rop manages to visit Phiber in prison, Rop describes his visit to the L0pht in Boston, Phiber has exciting news from prison, weird area codes, Rop tests Phiber and Emmanuel on area codes, Phiber talks about "Supermax."

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September 7
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- 09 / 14 / 94 -

Steve O'Keefe, editorial director of Loompanics, talks about the recent "Dateline NBC" program that focused on "dangerous" books and the proliferation of reality-based news shows. Phiber phones in from prison with Sal and Ira (two guest prisoners), speaks out against prison injustice, and gives advice to people facing interrogation. This show includes fundraising.

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September 14
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- 09 / 21 / 94 -

Telco horror stories from around the country, trying to get the country code for McDonald and Heard Islands near Australia, a progress report from Walter on the efforts to duplicate a Metrocard, a listener supporter from Philadelphia, Emmanuel rants against commercial cable networks and radio, Phiber phones in from prison with Ira who talks about his case. Also: domains with no people, the CIA World Facts database.

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September 21
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