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- 01 / 05 / 94 -

A very sad show as Emmanuel and the listeners say goodbye to Phiber on the eve of his departure to prison. An incredible ad from networkMCI, a fake ATM makes an appearance on "NYPD Blue," New York Telephone recordings still seem to be active, George Gleason calls in from California, Craig Neidorf calls in from Virginia, Emmanuel is labeled a subversive by the prison holding Scorpion.

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January 5
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- 01 / 12 / 94 -

In this expanded show, the mystery of 311 is revealed, rotary payphones are said to be replacing touch tone phones on city streets to fight drugs, what the X in NYNEX stands for. Also: the story of Phiber's trip to prison, the New York City Metrocard, and the 360 area code is announced.

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January 12
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