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- 11 / 03 / 93 -

This show had a prerecorded interview with Rop from Hacktic and the announcement of Phiber's sentence. Unfortunately, no known recording of this show exists.


- 11 / 10 / 93 -

Robert Steele of Open Source Solutions discusses last week's conference in Washington DC where Emmanuel met the Vice Chairman of the National Intelligence Council. Also: Phiber discusses the sentence he was given last week.

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November 10
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- 11 / 17 / 93 -

This show had nothing to do with "Off The Hook." The NAFTA treaty was voted on during the "Off The Hook" timeslot so Emmanuel wound up providing commentary. Included is a Dick Gephardt speech, the vote on NAFTA, as well as analysis with Emmanuel and Claude and a call-in segment on what NAFTA will mean. The sound for this show fades in and out.

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November 17
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- 11 / 24 / 93 -

A company on Long Island is threatened with a virus from another company, more cameras in England, Emmanuel finds a cable system in Virginia with 119 channels, AOL goes 9600. Listen for Emmanuel almost giving out the phone number for a different radio station.

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November 24
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