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- 02 / 25 / 91 -

An edition of "Talkback." A rare afternoon fill-in on the day after the ground offensive began in the Gulf War. Emmanuel speaks out on the war and the frustrations of being an antiwar activist, news from the BBC.

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February 25
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- 02 / 27 / 91 -

A show about shortwave radio, selections from Negativland, taking a break from the war coverage, Bob Horvitz is the guest, Bob's start at WBAI, a demonstration of numbers stations in different languages, examples of tone codes, how numbers stations get their information, how shortwave radios have become very popular since the war began, the best kind of antenna to use, what the Soviet Woodpecker used to sound like, other similar projects, a call for frequencies to help with war coverage, solar weather conditions, Emmanuel's impressions of a recent conference concerning First Amendment issues in the computer age, there is a 2600 meeting this Friday.

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February 27
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