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On the 12th of January 33 years ago, we released the very first issue of 2600. On that same date in 2017, we are officially releasing the brand new Winter Issue. (Incidentally, you could find all sorts of fun facts like this if you had your own 2017 Hacker Calendar.) It's never been easier to get the latest issue. Subscribing means you barely have to move. If you feel like going outside, you can find the current issue at all sorts of bookstores and newsstands. For those who prefer to go digital, we have Kindle subscriptions available in the United States and United Kingdom, and other digital subscriptions in those and other countries through Google Play and the Nook. And, of course, you can also get available back issues digitally or in print. A lot has happened since 1984. We suspect a great deal more is looming on the horizon. We hope you join us for the journey.