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Monday, January 19, 1998

Indonesian web sites were hacked yet again on January 18, 1998. All kinds of governmental and commercial sites were taken over. Some were fixed quickly. Others stayed hacked for much longer.

These sites all had the same basic message placed on them.

www.mangga2.co.id - a corporate site.
www.pip.co.id - a corporate site.
www.directbank.co.id - a corporate site.
www.bankpsp.co.id - a corporate site.
www.dikmenum.go.id - Indonesian General Education Ministry.
www.untar.ac.id - Tarumanegara Institution.
www.dki.go.id - Jakarta Municipal Government.
www.seranggolf.co.ida - a corporate site.
www.jakarta.dki.go.id - Jakarta Provincial Government.

This site had a little "extra" hacking effort put into it. It stayed up for hours.

www.bepeka.go.id - the Supreme Audit Board, in charge of overseeing how the president uses the people's money. This site had a little extra hacking put into it and stayed up for hours.

This site was the most thoroughly hacked of all and managed to stay up for a number of hours. Considering who it belonged to, this was quite a coup.

www.polri.mil.id - the Indonesian National Police site. This one was the most throughly hacked and stayed up for a number of hours.

Other sites that were reported to have been hacked which we weren't able to verify:

www.golkardki.or.id - Golongan Karya - the ruling political party. www.hipmi.or.id - Association of Indonesian Young Businessmen. www.timor.co.id - Indonesia's National Car Owner. www.fortune.co.id - a corporate site. www.jcc.co.id - a corporate site. www.indocement.co.id - a corporate site. www.menpagan.go.id - Indonesian Food Affairs Ministry. www.novusasia.com - Indonesian Conglomerate. www.apjii.or.id - Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association.

For hacks where frames were used, use your browsers back button to get to other hacked sites.

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