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Welcome To BEPEKA (the Supreme Audit Board) Home Page

Yeah ... We are the ones who are supposed to inspect the President's action. According to Our Constitution, we are at the same level with The President and we have power! But, since the President is Suharto, well, we are basically useless beuraucrats using people's money to cover Suharto and his family's asses ...er, we meant ... assets. We have been blinded by his militant and dictatorial rulership. And now all we care is to just pretend that we are doing our job. Hell, Suharto's got more than 60 billion dollars hidden. His daughter "Kentut" Rukmana forms all those charities so their family will look good. Tommy "Anjing" Suharto monopolizes the country's economy with his brother Bambang "Bangsat" Suharto. Yeah, there's also all those 'preferred' enterpreneurs like Salim, Lippo (heheheh, even Clinton enjoyed the money!), Bob Hasan, and more. Y'know, Indonesia has *LOTS* of natural resources!!! It's a rich country. However, all these money (that we are supposed to audit) always goes to Suharto and his circle. Well, of course there are some that went back to the people. Some of the money was spent toward buying military equipments. And then the gov't returns it to the people in Irian Jaya by giving them bullets (in the heads), in Timor Timur by giving them bombs (dropping is more like it), Jawa Timur, Aceh, and basically all over Indonesia. Oh, yeah, the students who always do demonstrations and protests get the tear gas (and, even, a place to stay for a month) at no charge!!!
- Empowering Suharto, his family and friends' Economy Power
- Deceiving the People Of Republic of Indonesia about their Ruler's Wealth
- All of the above created the FINANCIAL CRISIS that is now gripping our country!


Tri Tuntutan Rakyat 98 - Three Demands of the People 98

1. Turunkan Harga, Stabilkan Rupiah - Decrease Prices, Stabilize the Rupiah
2. Rombak Kabinet, Ganti Presiden, Laksanakan UUD 1945 secara murni dan konsekwen - Disperse the Cabinet, Replace the President, Implement the 1945 Constitution In Its Pure form and Consequently
3. Bebaskan Tahanan Politik, Hentikan Penindasan Hak Asasi Rakyat - Free The Political Prisoners, Stop Violating the People's Human Rights
In 1966, during the political and economy crisis that gripped Indonesia,
students all over the country came down to the streets and demanded
reformation from the government. And now, 32 years later, history is
repeating itself. Call this media-whoring, call this Indonesian Computer
Vandals Against Indonesian Tyranny, call this subversive propaganda, we
don't care. 

These attacks are a call for attention toward the struggle of Indonesian
people, oppressed for so long by Suharto's dictatorial rulership. And now
our economy is in the brink of collapse, due to the uncontrollable greed
of profiteering gluttons and political power-holders alike; the lack of
government transparency and the murder of democracy; and the widespread
violations of the original hope and goal of freedom. Look at all these
people who take the money Indonesia owe from the international community
to finance their private business: Siti "Kentut" Rukmana, Bambang
"Bangsat" Trihatmodjo, Hutomo "Anjing" Mandalaputra, Sudwikatmono,
Probosutedjo, Liem Soe Liong, Bob Hasan - all relatives and/or close
friends of Suharto.

Must we, the people, who have been placed as objects all these times, now
be made to bear the burden created by those who have enjoyed preferred
treatment? For the international community who are now trying to rescue
Indonesia: Are you going to let your help funds being used to cover the
financial crisis created by speculative, selfish, and greedy corporates?
Are you going to let your aid be managed by a government that is not
transparent, undemocratic and corrupted? Is it fair that now the low and
middle class of Indonesia, are bearing the burden of this crisis, which is
a result of only a handful government-supported enterpreneurs who take
advantage of credits loaned by other countries, to be used for their
individual interests?

The Suharto regime has responded to calls for reformation from political
activists by unjust, violent manner.  This has got to end. We are tired of
having our rights taken, our voices muted, our minds deceived. We are fed
up with all the promises, all the deceptions, and all the opression. We
are angry witnessing our sisters and brothers tortured, our leaders
imprisoned, our people impoverished, and our dream for democracy crushed.

So many of us went to the streets, protesting, demonstrating, fighting 
against the injustice done by our own government. Some of us went to
some of us went to the morgue, but we still won't give up.  We have long
lost our rights to free speech, and are sorry that we have to takeover
computer systems to get our messages, no matter how risky this is.

"Make my words a crime, I will shout out louder.
 Silence my voice, I will find another.
 Make my voice a crime, I will create a new one.
 Hunt me down, I will find a new place to hide.
 Lock me up, Ten will rise in my place.
 You cannot silence me.
 You cannot stop me.
 Me and my kind,
 We are forever ..."
                            (from hackerz.org shirt)

Bandung, West Java, January 19 1998

ChiKo Torremendez, Lithium Error, and JiroKul

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Sites attacked during this campaign:

http://www.polri.mil.id    - Indonesian National Police (military) HQ
                             the instrument of the regime, achivement
                             includes: bribery from corporations, torture
                             of the people all over indonesia,
                             imprisonment of reformation activists
http://www.golkardki.or.id - Golongan Karya, The Ruling Party
                             nominating Suharto for the SEVENTH
                             time, won the last 'election' by way of
                             threat, arson, and simple cheating
http://www.jakarta.dki.go.id-Jakarta Provincial Govt, Capital of Indonesia
                             the center of the struggling
http://www.bepeka.go.id    - The Supreme Audit Board
                             established with the purpose of making sure
                             that the president use people's money for
                             the people. obviously has been doing its job
http://www.hipmi.or.id     - Association of Indonesian Young businessman
                             leader: Tommy "Anjing" Suharto
                             monopoly and corruption hurt Indonesia
http://www.timor.co.id     - Indonesia's National Car
                             owner: Tommy "Anjing" Suharto
                             'favored' industry by the government,
                             made money forcing gov't employees to buy
                             the cars which name came from the island
                             where human rights are void.
and other sites owned by the corporate conglomerates of Indonesia:

We DID NOT destroy any server. Original pages were renamed. Index pages,
history files and logs were altered in order for us to survive.
Hackers-affiliated organisations and sysadmins of the systems involved are
not to be held responsible. We are just like other demonstrants on the
streets, who just happen to have the ability to gain access to these
sites. You might try to restrict information, but technology enables us to
stand as equals!