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Year 2000 Weekend Celebrations Near
Critical Service Personnel Prepare for the Arrival of the New Millennium:
Smooth Transition is Expected
On New Year's Eve at approximately 8 p.m., Arlington will activate its Emergency Operations Center.

More than 200 of the City's critical service personnel from the Fire, Police, Water and Technology departments will report for duty. With direct access to resources such as the Region XI Federal Emergency Management Agency, personnel in the EOC will monitor events in earlier time zones.


On New Year's Eve, Arlington will have additional patrol officers on the streets and Arlington 9-1-1 will be fully staffed with call-takers and dispatchers. In Emergency Operations Centers throughout Tarrant County, officials representing TXU Electric, Southwestern Bell Telephone and Lone Star Gas will forego their New Year celebrations to assure abundant service delivery to customers.

According to Fire Chief Robin Paulsgrove, the City of Arlington sees the arrival of the new millennium as an opportunity to increase public awareness about emergency preparation. "We expect Arlington will see the normal situations associated with New Year's celebrations," Paulsgrove said.

Because of the many precautions that have been taken to correct computer problems, the arrival of Jan. 1, 2000 will cause only minimal disruptions. Most of the City's critical systems can be operated manually and are not dependent on computers. According to a joint study issued this month by the city's Internal Audit and Technology Services departments, core city services that impact citizens the most, such as water treatment and traffic control computer systems have been tested for Y2K compliance.

Your Y2K Check List

  • Check with the manufacturers of all essential computer-controlled electronic equipment in your home to ensure Y2K readiness.
  • Stock disaster supplies to last several days. This includes cash, nonperishable foods, stored water and a supply of prescription and nonprescription medicines that are regularly used.
  • Have a portable AM/FM radio available and extra blankets, coats, hats and gloves. A fireplace and wood stove are alternative heat sources.
  • Have flashlights and extra batteries on hand. Never use candles.
  • Call 9-1-1 only if there is a true emergency.
  • The use of fireworks within city limits is illegal.

This information is a Year 2000 readiness disclosure in accordance with the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act.


Access Points for Fire, EMS and Police Services

The City's contingency plan designates fire stations as public access points for police, emergency medical and fire services in the event of power outage or communication failure during the Year 2000 rollover weekend. For more information, call the Arlington Fire Department at 459-5500.

  • Fire Station 1
    401 W. Main St.
  • Fire Station 2
    1727 Sherry St.
  • Fire Station 3
    1820 S. Fielder Road
  • Fire Station 4
    1733 W. Randol Mill Road
  • Fire Station 5
    2921 E. Randol Mill Road
  • Fire Station 6
    2620 S. Collins St.
  • Fire Station 7
    5601 Ronny Snow Dr.
  • Fire Station 8
    2020 Madison Dr.
  • Fire Station 9
    4929 S. Cooper St.
  • Fire Station 10
    3205 SW Green Oaks Blvd.
  • Fire Station 11
    2204 Ballpark Way
  • Fire Station 12
    5050 S. Collins St.
  • Fire Station 13
    7100 Russell Curry Road
  • Fire Station 14
    5501 Ron McAndrew Dr.
  • Fire Station 15
    906 Eden Road
  • Fire Station 16
    1503 Mansfield Webb Road

Map of Arlington fire stations


Our Vision for Johnson Creek
By Pete Jamieson, Parks and Recreation Department

Arlington voters will soon have the opportunity to consider a multi-objective plan that combines flood control with park improvement. Johnson Creek is a major tributary to the Trinity River. It runs 11 miles through the heart of the city, and has a long history of frequent flooding.

Pete Jamieson
Pete Jamieson

In one recent flood, some residents were pulled from trees to safety as several feet of floodwater filled their homes. Erosion damage and sediment from the flooding were extensive, adding to high repair and cleanup costs. If Johnson Creek is left as it is, the creek bed will continue to erode, causing further problems.

The Johnson Creek Corridor Plan provides 100-year flood protection for homes and businesses while developing and managing flood zones for other purposes. Integral elements of the plan include improved water quality and preservation of natural areas. The undisturbed bottomlands along the creek are Arlington's last and best floodplain forests. They are still home to foxes, beavers, and a host of resident and migratory birds.

Central to the plan is a vision of Johnson Creek as an urban greenway linking one end of the city to the other. Trails and walkways would connect inner city destinations, including Six Flags Over Texas, The Ballpark in Arlington, the Downtown Arlington, and the University of Texas at Arlington. Street and bridge enhancements link key elements and will allow for the removal of antiquated structures that impede the flow of water.

Implementation of the Johnson Creek plan will also allow the expansion and renovation of several parks in the city. Highlights of the program include expansion of Meadowbrook Park for floodwater detention, greenway recreation, and urban beautification. Vandergriff Park and Founders Park will also be renovated.

By funding the Johnson Creek plan through a sales tax, a large portion of the improvements will be financed by tourists and nonresidents. The proposed one-quarter of one percent sales tax, if approved, will fund the greenway projects and relieve flooding problems on the creek.

For more information about the Johnson Creek Corridor Plan or to schedule an educational presentation for your club or neighborhood organization, call the Arlington Parks and Recreation Department at 459-5474.

Who To Call...
  • To report a malfunctioning or damaged street light, call the Transportation Department at 459-6350 or e-mail your request using the Citizen Action Request page.
  • Two garage sales are permitted per year and should not exceed three consecutive days each. Permits are not required. For more information, contact a Code Enforcement Inspector by calling 459-5979.
  • The Arlington City Council has approved the City's 1999-2000 Fiscal Year Operating Budget. To review the budget, call the Budget Office at 459-6200 or visit the Budget pages.
  • For federal grant monies to help preserve a historic structure in Arlington, call the Grant Administration Division of the Housing Assistance Office at 276-6700.

Keeping You Posted

Teen Read Week is October 17-23. Good reads for teens are listed at For local activities, call the Central Library at 459-6907.

The Annual Egg Roll Festival is Saturday, Oct. 23 at the Asian Market Center at New York Ave. and Pioneer Parkway. For more information, call 212-2690.

The Arlington Municipal Airport Open House is Saturday, Oct. 23 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. For information, call 465-7831.

Join District 4 Council Member Robert N. Cluck, M.D. for the Oct. 27 Council District Forum at 6:30 p.m. at the Woodland West Recreation Center, 3200 Norwood Dr. Topics include Johnson Creek and the city's new operating budget.

October Halloween Costume Parties for fifth and sixth graders are Friday, Oct. 29 at Hugh Smith and Woodland West recreation centers. Admission is $5. Call 459-5474 for information.

Daylight-saving time ends at 2 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 31. The Arlington Fire Department reminds you to change the batteries in smoke detectors when rolling clocks back one hour.

The entry deadline is Friday, Nov. 5 for the Sharing the Dream Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay and Art Competitions. Scholarships and U.S. savings bonds are available to winners. For information, call 459-7217 or 459-6404.

Saturday, Nov. 6 is National Pet Adoption Day. For local activities, call Arlington Animal Services at 451-3436.

Texas Recycles Day is Nov. 13. Take small unwanted appliances to the University of Texas at Arlington parking lot at the southeast corner of Cooper and Mitchell streets. For details, call the Recycling Office at 459-6771.

To volunteer is to work in an environment where contributions are welcomed and appreciated. Join the City of Arlington Volunteer Service Program by calling 459-6929.

Arlington Neighborhood Academy
Arlington's first Neighborhood Academy fosters livable neighborhoods by offering Arlington residents interaction sessions on consensus building and leadership. The 1999 Arlington Neighborhood Academy graduates Nov. 16. For more information about the program, call Senior Planner Neva Dean at 459-6660.
Arlington Neighborhood Academy

Progress as Promised

Center and Mesquite Streets
This $14.3 million project will convert Center and Mesquite streets from Park Row to Randol Mill into one-way pairs. Two bridges are being constructed over Johnson Creek, and new street construction is occurring on the northern end of Mesquite Street. The anticipated completion date is June 2000. Construction is more than 50 percent complete.

Arkansas Lane
State, federal and local monies from Arlington, Pantego and Dalworthington Gardens are funding this $9 million collaborative effort to convert Arkansas to a five-lane undivided road from Spanish Trail to Ingelford Drive. Construction continues through January 2003.

City Employment Listings

  • Assistant to the City Manager - $3,818 - $4,773 per month
  • Children's Librarian - $2,671 - $3,131 per month
  • Financial Staff Analyst - $2,505 - $3,131 per month
  • Recreation Program Coordinator - $2,671 - $3,339 per month
  • Senior Clerk D.A.R.E. Program - $9.62 - $10.67 per hour (part-time)

For information about these and other job listings with the City of Arlington, call the 24-hour Job Line at 265-7938 or visit the City Employment pages.

City Cable Channel 5 Listings

For a complete listing of viewing times for the City Council Work Session and Regular Session, the Tarrant County Commissioners Court Meeting, and the Arlington Update Show, see CITY5 - Arlington's Cable Channel.

How to Contact the City of Arlington
101 W. Abram St.
Arlington, TX 76010
Main number - (817) 275-3271
Metro - (817) 265-3311

How to contact . . .

City Manager Chuck Kiefer 459-6101
Office of the Mayor and Council 459-6122
Mayor Elzie Odom 274-8049
District 1 - Barbara Nash 640-6450
District 2 - Judy M. Rupay 468-9845 or 468-2449
District 3 - Wayne Ogle 371-2872 or 833-3805
District 4 - Robert N. Cluck, M.D. 462-7449 or 276-0699
District 5 - Julia Burgen 461-8366
District 6 (At Large) -
Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dixon R. Holman
469-7200 or 654-4704
District 7 (At Large) -
Mayor Pro Tem Dottie Lynn
District 8 (At Large) -
Pat Remington
261-7100 or 277-5644

You can locate your district and Council member on our District Map page.

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