We sold out our first batch of HOPE 2020 tickets in under two seconds back in November. We expect pretty much the same thing to happen when the second batch goes on sale today at 13:13 PT so be prepared! (That's 1:13 pm Pacific Time, or 4:13 pm Eastern Time, or 10:13 pm in western Europe.)

Our 13th conference is taking place next summer in a brand new location as you've probably heard. We expect it to be bigger and better than ever with lots more activities and space - all without leaving New York City!

The link to get your tickets is - please read the instructions on there before tickets go on sale if you want any chance of getting any today! (It will say "Sold Out" before the tickets go on sale.)

HOPE 2020 will be held from July 31st to August 2nd at St. John's University in Queens. We will have on campus housing, as well as special deals with hotels in the area. All of that info will be posted at in January. As this is a major expansion of what we've done in the past, we'll need more volunteers than ever to make it all possible. There is much organization already underway and we are determined to make this our best conference yet, fix the problems we've encountered in previous years, and have the support and enthusiasm of our entire community. You will be seeing much more specific info on all of this, as well as ways you can get involved and make hacker history.

If you're one of the many who don't get tickets on Friday, there will be more chances. It's Friday the 13th - best of luck!