On Tuesday, October 8th, for the very first time ever, the new issue of 2600 will be released digitally in non-DRM PDF format. We know there are many of you who have been unable to secure copies of 2600 in recent years. With high distribution costs and a declining bookstore landscape, it's become much harder to publish a paper magazine and get it to all the places our readers are. This digital version can help solve that problem once and for all - and help restore the funding we need to survive.

We ask for your help in getting the word out (in addition to hopefully buying the issue when it's released). We know there are many thousands out there who no longer have bookstores that carry 2600 in their neighborhoods or who live in parts of the world where getting our publication has always been, at best, a challenge.

Please show your support and buy this issue which you can then enjoy forever - and let everyone know what we're doing. Because if this is a success, we will be able to invest more into the magazine (paper and digital) to make it even better, as well as support more projects like HOPE.

The address to get the new issue on Tuesday is store.2600.com/products/new-issue .