At the request of a bunch of people around the world and because we love to experiment with new things, we're happy to announce that our upcoming hacker conference will be accepting bitcoins for preregistration. As far as we know, we're the first ever conference in North America to do this (other than a couple of Bitcoin conferences), so we're eagerly anticipating the results of this experiment.

Here's how it works. Simply go to our checkout page at https://bitpay.com/cart/add?itemId=QdiFDAxgndV7ijZyVCBUEM, enter an email address you want your electronic tickets to be sent to, a name of your choosing, and any additional comments you might have. That's it. No need for addresses, phone numbers, or credit cards. Just tie into your Bitcoin account and buy however many tickets you need.

If you think this is an incredibly cool idea, but you're not sure you're going to make it to HOPE X (or even if you are completely certain you won't be there), you can use this method to donate bitcoins to the conference and help us make it even better. Imagine a really cool project at HOPE X being made possible entirely through Bitcoin donations. Since HOPE X tickets are completely transferable, you can also buy a ticket to transfer to someone else. You can either instruct us to give the ticket away or sell/give it to someone else yourself.

This is all very new and different for most of the world, and we wouldn't be much of a hacker conference if we didn't experiment with new and different things. What we know for sure is that this is a secure method of buying tickets, as long as you enter an email address where you can receive the tickets we email you in the weeks ahead. (You will also receive a receipt shortly after your purchase.)

To get your HOPE X tickets via Bitcoin, click here.

For the more traditional method of getting HOPE X tickets, click here.

To learn more about Bitcoin, click here.

To follow the latest on HOPE X, follow @hopex on Twitter and visit xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx or x.hope.net.