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In response to some of the post HOPE X feedback we've been receiving at, we're addressing the needs of those of you who want high quality versions of the HOPE X talks but don't have DVD players in any of your devices. What we've done is encode all of the content into a high quality MP4 format which takes up nearly 64 gigabytes of space. We've divided these into two 32 gigabyte flash drives and added a guide for easy playback, as well as all of the audio files that come with the full DVD sets. While some of the talks are up on YouTube and we plan on posting all of them when we get a chance, these files are of much higher quality and are extremely easy to copy to any device you have. Neither the audio nor video files contain any DRM whatsoever, so you can keep these in your library indefinitely and share them with friends. You can order the HOPE X flash drives at our online store. (If you've already ordered the full DVD sets and wish to get these instead, please email us.