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In the midst of preparations for HOPE X next weekend, we've finalized the last set of videos in the HOPE archives on Channel 2600 on YouTube. We have added 100 videos from HOPE Number Nine in 2012, featuring keynotes by NSA whistleblower William Binney and The Yes Men. There are a whole bunch of other interesting and enlightening talks from the hacker community, as always. We hope those of you looking forward to HOPE X will binge on these for a while. (They are set to play in order by track so you can experience the conference as it unfolded in three separate areas!)

Links to all of the videos can be found at our online store or at Channel 2600 on YouTube. Please help support our archiving efforts by buying DVDs for yourself or your friends at our online store. We now have all of our conferences archived on Channel 2600 via YouTube and available on DVD. We encourage you to post your comments on Channel2600 as well.

Visit HOPE Number Nine video archive (click on each title to get to the video)

Visit the archive of the HOPE conferences (all nine conferences now online, DVDs available for each of them)

Visit Channel 2600 on YouTube.