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We know there are still some of you out there who continue to use DVDs, so we've been hard at work for months to make sure our DVD archive of this summer's Circle of HOPE conference is worthy of your collection. From designing fresh menus on each disc to ensuring that every moment of sound and picture is at its best, this has really been a labor of love and insanity on our part. And the icing on the cake is the new pricing structure we've introduced storewide - ALL of our HOPE DVDs now cost a third of what they did prior to this announcement!

Each DVD is non-DRM and can be copied freely and played in any region of the planet Earth.

Click here for The Circle of HOPE DVDs.

Click here for The Circle of HOPE Full Set.

Click here to start perusing ALL of our DVDs from each of our twelve conferences. (You can select individual conferences on the left.)

Have you sworn off DVDs entirely? You can get digital copies in full HD by downloading or by getting the entire conference on two thumb drives!