We have received the following apology from Melissa Kelly, the Chief Operating Offier at Trunk Archive, for their mistaken accusations against us. It reads as follows:

Dear 2600,
   As COO of Trunk Archive, I would like to offer my sincere apologies for
   “Ink Splotch-gate”
   Artist attribution and copyright protection are very important to us,
   so we truly regret this case of “mistaken identity”.
   Using a digital copyright infringement service is a relatively new
   thing for us and we have learnt a lot about what can go wrong through
   the comments made by 2600 and the community at large.
   Thanks for all the feedback and please feel free to reach out to me
   with any questions or thoughts on this matter.
   Once again.. very sorry for our error.
   Best regards

Receiving this from an actual person at Trunk Archive is an important step and we appreciate the sentiment. It's especially promising if they truly are listening to the community. We know there is a huge difference in opinion and an awful lot of changes that will be necessary (such as most of the business model of Trunk Archive and similar organizations), but if there's even a chance that our voices will be heard, we would be wise to take it.

If you have thoughts on this issue, please put them together in a concise and coherent manner and send them here.If we get some decent ones, we'll put them online in the near future. Please sign your submission with whatever name/handle you want the world to see. We thank everybody for their tremendous support throughout this whole incident and hope we can play a part in making some much needed changes.