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Articles: Want to write for 2600? If you have an intelligent article on something interesting you think we'd like to publish, send it to If one of your articles gets printed, you'll get either a free shirt or a one year subscription (or a year of back issues). If you get more articles printed, you'll get even more stuff and will eventually be listed as a "known associate" of 2600 in various government files!

Letters: Immortalize yourself! Letters to the editor can be sent to If we print your letter, you can bask in the glory of the fact that your letter got printed. (We print many letters.)


Subscriptions, back issues and other merchandise are available from our online store or by consulting our price list and sending a check or money order to:

2600 Magazine
P.O. Box 752
Middle Island, NY 11953

A list of stores that carry 2600 is available here. For information on a subscription contact