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- 10 / 07 / 88 -

This is the very first edition of "Off The Hook" and there's an interesting story behind its airing. The program was originally scheduled to air as a one hour special on Friday, August 12 at 1:30 pm. At precisely that minute, a fire on the transmitter floor of the Empire State Building took down every radio station in New York City. "Off The Hook" was "Off The Air." Radio time was at a premium and it took months to reschedule the show. Finally, it aired on a Thursday night from 1 am until 3:30 am. The first half hour is a formal documentary while the rest is informal live radio which includes a call from at least one not-yet-famous hacker. To capture the essence of both airings, we have included the very beginning of the failed broadcast moments before the station was knocked off the air and merged that with the successful airing months later. The first section, which lasts only a few minutes, has a rather high hiss. Featured: a documentary on teleconferences with excerpts of local conferences, advertisements, an interview with Cheshire Catalyst, Dutch hackers talking to American hackers on an illegal conference, a social engineering Alliance teleconference, and a live WBAI teleconference. This show is in two parts.

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October 7

Part 1
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Part 2
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