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Posted 6 Aug 2001 18:57:45 UTC

In the Federal District Court in San Jose Monday afternoon, a bail motion was granted for Russian programmer Dmitry Sklyarov.

A deal reached in advance between Sklyarov's attorneys and the US Attorney was approved by Judge Edward A. Infante. According to this deal, Sklyarov will be released pending trial on a $50,000 cash bond, which was already paid by his employer, Elcomsoft. He will be required to stay within the Northern District of California, under the supervision of Cupertino resident Serguei Osokine. Sklyarov's next court appearance will be a preliminary hearing and arraignment on August 23rd, before a Federal magistrate judge.

Sklyarov was released later in the afternoon after having spent the last 21 days in federal custody.

Free Dmitry activists filled the courtroom and held a simultaneous protest outside with approximately 30 people. Protests were also held today in New York, Boston, St. Louis, and Pittsburgh. Further nationwide protests are planned for next Monday, August 13th and for Thursday, August 30th. Activists have vowed to continue pressure until Dmitry is free to return to Russia.

Sklyarov's attorney, Joseph Burton, thanked the public for its concern about the case and said he is optimistic about Sklyarov's chances.

For further updates and local information, see freesklyarov.org.

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